Alright! Time for a giveaway. I’m cleaning out my closet for college and found these (along with money stashed in the closet that I can use to ship these). I don’t need them, so I figured I could ship them out. I also can get around my town easier, so shipping shouldn’t take too long (apology for my other contest giveaway winners </3).

Winner gets all of what they see here, except for the hat and shelf of course.

You don’t have to follow me/be following me to get these. Just reblog and like to your heart’s content and also keep in mind of your followers’ dashboards. Giveaway ends June 27th because I need to clear out my closet as soon as possible. I’ll announce the winner and message them. If they don’t respond in a day I’ll pick another winner, so please keep your asks boxes open. Winner will be chosen randomly with a generator. 

Good luck!

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